Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Belated Christmas

Praise the Lord. I enjoyed Christmas, this year. Though this year started out rather difficult, God saw us through. I am sorry that I have been away, We were moving from Birmingham, AL to Lucedale, MS. Then we looked for work, of which I have yet to find employment in my craft or concentration. I minored in Marketing. So, I am now at a place where I can and will be doing a lot more writing, studying, singing, recording new material, etc. I hope that something will turn up in the process. Only the good God knows. I know that he maintains my lot. I have decided no longer to worry.
I hope everyone had a wonderful year. We have moved into a four-bedroom house that we are fixing up and have accumulated free furniture-good furniture. See, I told you that God maintains our lot. We just have to trust him when it all seems to go south.

I love you all and thank you for stopping by to read. May 2018 be an even greater blessing for you.
I may have included this song before, but I kinda redid it a bit on the piano. I think the recording came out better as well.
I hope it will bless you.

Happy New Year

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Since I have moved into #Mississippi, we have seen five #hurricanes that impacted the #United States; from the Northern New England to the Southwest in Houston. I got the opportunity to ride out my first hurricane, which was (thank God) only a category 1. I extend my condolences  and prayers to those, who have been gravely impacted by the larger sized storms: #Harvey in Houston and #Maria in #Puerto Rico; the worst this year. 
Yet, they were not quite as severe as #Katrina (the 3rd largest) with  a death toll of 1,200 and over $100 billion in damage. The #Galveston, TX hurricane in 1900 was the worst with a toll of 8,000 to 12,000 people and a demolition of 3,600 homes. 
A little trivia for you concerning their names; hurricanes in the Atlantic were first named in 1950 with the name Able  (not considered a real man's name), and those in the Eastern Pacific were first  named in 1960 with Annette. For the Atlantic hurricanes, male and female names are given on a six-year rotation-in keeping with a strict procedure established by the #World Meteorologists Association. Okay. So, that's inventive. What about Bob? Bob was actually formed in 1991 and was the costliest hurricane in New England history, as of 2013. So, anyway; there is no real deep insight. Just wanted to share a little info about the storms that we face through the late summer and fall seasons. Just one more fact before I leave...

Hurricanes are named for the Mayan god "Huracan." Our English word "hurricane" comes from the Taino (the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida) word"huric├ín", who was the Carib Indian god of evil. .

Hurricane Etymology and Word Facts - ThoughtCo


Monday, September 11, 2017

#Hurricane #Irma Diminishes Mid Mission

Not long after the damage from Harvey, came the arrival of Irma.
Unfortunately; for some in the southern parts of Florida-the Keys, the winds and rain dealt their massive damage on the homes and lives of their residents.

Dozens of #faith filled people gathered on the beaches in #Jacksonville to pray for Irma's failure.

Check out this link for the story:

Though there were naysayers, who pointed out the eventual #evacuation of that beach; Irma diminished in size. There was damage, as the tropical-storm-sized winds lashed out through South Carolina, Georgia and parts of Alabama. But God answered prayer! Irma diminished!

I am watching the wind through the trees, here in #Lucedale, MS; one of the areas hit by #Katrina. I thank the Lord for his mercy!
We pray for those who lost homes and families in this time. Why did God not stop all the damage? That's a question to ask him! Maybe, you are one that suffered hurricane damage. My prayers are with you for peace and restoration in your soul.

I know the #Lord #Jesus is faithful. Don't charge him falsely, but give him a chance to work in your lives and circumstances. (Romans 8:38)

God Bless

Monday, September 4, 2017

#Praying for #Houston

We have all seen much of the damage dealt to the area of Houston, due to the #hurricane that brought the #flood waters and resulting death and destruction.

I simply #pray, Lord, for your #grace, mercy and peace to reign upon the people of this city. Lord, surround them with your angels, and with your presence. Be with the families who have lost loved ones during this catastrophe. #Thank you, Lord for the unity that takes this country when hard times hit our fellow citizens. This nation and its leaders need your wisdom, and strength as we all come through this season together.
Again, Lord bless the city of Houston, its people, leaders using this time to reach every soul with your love, peace and truth. By you are we all sustained. How can we ever be without You?You are the One #God that is Lord over all. We give you all th glory honor and praise for all you are, do and have done. We ask all this in Jesus name, Amen.

Continue to keep these precious people in your prayers! And pray for those in the path of this other storm, Irma.

"The #Storm Must Conform" Chris St. John

Bless You All

Kendra St John

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Grace in Tight Spaces

Have you ever moved from your own two-bedroom apartment or house to a single bedroom? It is very taxing on the nerves, especially if you have someone else, along with their stuff, sharing that small space with you. We all love our spouse, kids, friends, etc. But the tiny space would try even the best and closest of relationships. I don't advocate young dating couples to try this before marriage- to keep from the well known temptation. But if you can imagine having just that room and maybe a storage shed (for the rest of your stuff) for an indefinite time, until a job opportunity is found (and it doesn't scare you away from that person), you may have a chance with him, her or them; without someone going to jail for murder.
Both my job, and that of my spouse, ended for lack of work. So, we are in God's waiting room as captive clay balls awaiting plying and prodding and pulling, while fighting to be still and "know there is a God." We scurry to find the next opportunity, all the while praying that the Lord be the one to ordain its fruition.
To get out of that bedroom, has become our chief motivation and we continue to pray and apply for jobs, hoping God will just say, "yes," and soon.
Maybe, you are stuck in a spot, where you could get out if you had to chew your arm off to do it. But your gut tells you that there is a reason you are there. Hold on to His grace; it is sufficient; and his joy, which is your strength.

And don't lay hands on anyone suddenly!

Love and prayers for strength in your struggle.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Mercy

I love Spring. It is time for new beginnings, new growth and change. 
The Hebrew new year is during this season. The resurrection of Christ shows the hope of a new life; a new beginning. I love this verse:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end;
23 they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:22-23

I know that Easter has come and gone, whether or not many have celebrated the actual resurrection of the lone Savior. So many have disregarded his name and underestimated his power and ability to work in their lives. Still, many more have explained away his existence as simply history and the resurrection a load of baloney. 

So, to this Jesus, who, on a cross endured six hours of sheer agony, not to mention the loneliness of being deserted, denied and betrayed by his friends; what do You have to attribute? What do you do to a savior that has given all and raised his body up on the third day? Are you a believer or a skeptic? What makes you one or the other and why? 

If you are a skeptic, is this from past experience, education, influence from parents and friends? Would you be willing to change your mind? 

If you are a believer, why? Are you convinced to the point that your life is wrapped around him and the purpose for his passion? Do you really know what that purpose is? or are you simply following on someone else's coat tails? 

If you are not very educated about the why's of your belief and have not considered a serious relationship; I pray that you see your life everyday as a prize. I pray to everyone that you will reach out to him like never before. Reach past the people, the philosophies and critics that tear apart the Word of God Simply call out to him. Ask him with an honest heart while in a quiet place to speak to you. Give him a chance or second chance. You will find him there waiting and always waiting to come to your rescue. He can be your portion-more than enough to fill your need! His love is forever and his mercies new every morning. 

May he bless you with his Spirit as you become better acquainted and learn to cast your cares on him. 



How to Alleviate Loneliness

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