Merry Belated Christmas

Praise the Lord. I enjoyed Christmas, this year. Though this year started out rather difficult, God saw us through. I am sorry that I have been away, We were moving from Birmingham, AL to Lucedale, MS. Then we looked for work, of which I have yet to find employment in my craft or concentration. I minored in Marketing. So, I am now at a place where I can and will be doing a lot more writing, studying, singing, recording new material, etc. I hope that something will turn up in the process. Only the good God knows. I know that he maintains my lot. I have decided no longer to worry.
I hope everyone had a wonderful year. We have moved into a four-bedroom house that we are fixing up and have accumulated free furniture-good furniture. See, I told you that God maintains our lot. We just have to trust him when it all seems to go south.

I love you all and thank you for stopping by to read. May 2018 be an even greater blessing for you.
I may have included this song before, but I kinda redid it a bit on the piano. I think the recording came out better as well.
I hope it will bless you.

Happy New Year


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