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 I am so excited! I am so close to getting a bank job I can taste it. I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend and her husband for referring me and forwarding my resume to the HR department at Singing River. I believe it's my time. After this time of growing and testing me at Dollar General I believe God is moving me onward and upward.  I am so conscious of what I do. I never want to do anything that would sabotage my job. I am thankful. Yes, normally I'd be saying something like,  "I'll believe it when I see it;" yet I have so many who say to claim it in faith. "You've been faithful. You deserve it." So, I am not even going to let those negative thoughts in my head. I usually don't like to get my hopes up so soon. I hate being disappointed, but I can't help it. I am going to send a card to them and tell them how much I am grateful to be considered and that I believe this opportunity is for me. Let them know that they were not mistaken to pass

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