When All Else Fails

I have always been one to believe that if I worked hard, studied hard and was faithful I would succeed in almost anything. The reality is that I don't know the right people to get opportunities that come so easily to others; I also lack the charisma to sell anything to anyone. So, I just worked hard. So, why am I still living below poverty level? I have a Master's Degree in Business Administration. So, what is my point? I am coming to it. I used to be frustrated with the fact that my husband and I would get a job, be doing well and, out of nowhere Murphy would come and bring his lineage along with him. I'd get laid off, lose my rent and have to move in with in-laws. Why can't we just get a break?
Now, to anyone who doesn't believe God works in all things and/or believes that only the rich are anointed, we are plum out of luck and out of fellowship with God. "Just curse him and die."Or "Maybe you sinned and this is your punishment."
Yes, I have been tempted to say "enough with this; give me a bottle of wine. I'll drink away my sorrows."
But I know better. Lately I have prayed for God to fix our situation and then sit on my hands and/or bite my nails. I'd worry every time something else happened to claim the reserved finances saved for bills. I would also be a nervous wreck trying desperately to conserve my job.
But I am slowly realizing that I can do nothing about this than the next right thing.  I can only be faithful to those who rely on me and love me. To the Lord I can only pray and wait on him. He gives me the faith to believe in him and the grace to stay with him. I would be lost if he didn't step in and catch me.
So, I release my husband, my fears, finances, worries, people who aggravate me, situations and circumstances I can't change, etc; into his hands. I still have to remind myself to do this. But this is my goal. This is how I stay sane, and joyful.
"Even if the Best of Life seems at its worst. When the dam of tears is bound to burst..."
He is still working his will to astound you!

Keep waiting on him; and stay full of joy. That is your strength!
He is Still Wonderful!  https://soundcloud.com/kendra-st-john/even-still-hes-wonderful
It's not professional but I hope it will encourage you.

Bless You


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