O That They See You through Me!

Let them see You through me! How many times have we prayed a prayer like this one? We've heard it from the lips of worship leaders and agreed in an attitude of worship with emotions at work and tears staining our faces. We want to be the best we can be for him! We want him to be proud of us. We want to give him pleasure.(Rev 4:11)
Do we really know what we ask when we utter those words? Do we know the trials that he permits to come into our lives when we say "Break us" or "Mold Us"?
We look at Abraham who was told to offer the Promise of his lifetime as a burnt offering or the Shunemite woman that sought the prophet for her dead son, telling his servant "All is Well", John the Baptist "That He increase and I decrease.". or even Jesus who cried, "If you will, let this cup pass from me; but let Your will be done."
They all conformed to the will of an all knowing- all powerful God.
We not only pray those words, but we also pray; in the middle of the forming trials that are there to answer that prayer in us, "When will you deliver me from this mess I'm in?" We white-knuckle the waiting room chair where we sit, believing we are helpless to do anything, but wait. But he didn't call us to sit. He called us to wait-to serve! To wait on him is to pull ourselves from ourselves and look around at others in need, offering to wash their feet by helps and acts of love and mercy.
The world calls it paying it forward or doing random acts of kindness. Is that not part of the spiritual fruit resident in the Holy Ghost and what should take fruit in our lives without grumbling or complaining? Do we see those around us, customers, coworkers, family etc. as a mission field of souls that need the Word of Life or are they just a source of stress and aggravation? Is love not what God is and what we should be?

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints (Psalm116:15)."
The Jewish people had layered meanings to all their writings. This is one example. Not only does this speak about the mortal death, but also death to self and one’s fleshly habits. It also speaks of the overshadowing of your soul with his presence, so that only he is evident. Death is change. This is the fullness of the burial that only starts in Jesus Name water baptism. Moving on, mortal death changes the outward features of the physical body. Repentance, death to self, changes the mind as Christ continues to spiritually recreate you into what pleases him and what will reach those around you most effectively. "I will follow you to the death" Peter said. But he was not ready to follow through in that promise. He denied Christ. He saw the method of execution and avoided that agony and shame.
Can we live through some trouble. through backslidden kids, embarrassment, loss, helplessness, poverty, marriages that are on the rocks, etc? Through what will we go to allow the Lord to shape us? We say we'll follow him in death. Can we live through death; from trial to trial? Through what furnaces will we walk with Christ to see His glory become evident to our world? Will we come out as pure gold when we are tried (Job 23:10)? Do they see us in the midst of our calamity or do they see Christ?
God Bess!


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