#Do You Really Know Jesus(Knowing Him on a Deeper Level))?

    When I was young, I went to church and heard the stories of Jesus and his many miracles: his birth, his life of healing, teachings, dominion over natural laws and ultimately his death and resurrection. I appreciated all I heard and began to love this Jesus for all he did for me. This was what I was raised to know through Sunday School and church attendance.
    As a young adult, I began to deal with some things from my childhood that I did not understand as a child. I committed sins on a regular basis to cope with some of the losses I experienced. Looking back to that time, I see how sensitive I was and how much I wanted to please Jesus and be close to him, but I kept falling short.

    I did not understand; I accepted his gift of grace and forgiveness for my sin and was baptized, but I still felt empty and powerless to change my attitudes and behavior. I exercised and lived under a shallow knowledge of Jesus (Understand that we all have to start somewhere). In the original Greek this knowledge was called "manthano" to know about intellectually (through study) or casual acquaintance.

2 Timothy 3:7 speaks of people who are "ever learning yet never able to come to the full knowledge of the Truth (JESUS)."

    Full knowledge is speaking of a deeper, more intimate relationship that we can only have through being filled and possessed by his Spirit. The original Greek word here is "ginosko." So, I did not know ("ginosko") Jesus. I only knew ("manthano") Jesus. The reason people believe that the Spirit possession was only for the people of the Bible days is because they only learned about or had a limited understanding of ("manthano") Jesus and related their theories from what they have studied about him and his Word. The only way to "ginosko" Jesus is by experience. After repenting (turning 180 degrees) from your sinful lifestyles, personal agendas, false securities, plans of revenge, feelings of bitterness and resentment, etc; you ask him and believe for the promised Holy Ghost infilling until you speak in a language you have never learned. By allowing you to speak in this other tongue, Jesus shows you and those around you that he now lives in you, possesses you and is manifesting himself through you.
    Many more people are catching on to this supernatural manifestation. Some people still say; though, that this experience is only meant for a few, chosen, special people. Yes, special people that relinquish their will and lives to him so that he can change them with His nature; shape and use them in wonderful and powerful ways!

Acts 2:39 says, "This promise is unto you, your children and all that are afar off (time and space) even as many as the Lord our God shall call."
That includes You!
    I received this intimate knowledge through being born again of the Water and the Spirit (John 3:5, Acts 2:38) and have grown in that intimate knowledge since then. This relationship requires work (not works) to maintain. Prayer and dying out daily to the flesh nature, that wants to have its own way, is work.  Don't stay in the shallow relationship where there is no power. Don't simply borrow by faith the supernatural works of Jesus.

Matthew 7:21 says that many will come to him in that last day saying, "Lord, Lord did I know do these wonderful works in your name?" Jesus will turn his head and say "Depart from me, thou workers of iniquity. For I never knew ("ginosko") you."

If you want more information about how  to receive this Bible salvation, please email me.  My husband and I would love to share it with you. Don't put it off. It is necessary to have His Spirit to get to Heaven! Jesus only lets his Bride-his Intimate Friend-into his home!

God Bless.


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