#Only Trust Him (Cure for Impatience)!

May 10, 2014

We all question the events in our lives when we lose those that are close to us, lose jobs that we had held for years, homes, money, retirement, dreams. We all ask the same question, Why? or why me? Why did God have to let this happen to me?

Job is the perfect example of this scenario, especially when his friends enter the scene and counsel him about his walk with God. Surely, the innocent would not be punished as your are (paraphrase). or You must not be a real Christian if you're broke or ill of health. God isn't smiling on you now is he? All the while we know we have done our best to stay close to the Lord and live the way we should according to his Word.

There are lessons (plural) to be learned in these times:

1. For those who may not know Jesus it is actually his mercy reaching out to you. The only way to get you to your knees in prayer is through a crisis. For those who are new to the faith; babes in Christ, it is to get us all closer to him teach us to trust him.

2. For those of us who have been close to him for a while; its a lesson, or perhaps a defect that we don't see  that he wants to work out of us (In Christ there was nothing of the enemy-Satan.) We want him to remove anything that would cause us to stumble. This, again, is his mercy.

3. "Do we worship him for nothing?" Satan said to the Lord. "Let me take everything he has and he will curse you." Can we worship and trust the Lord when we appear to be losing everything (Job 1and 2)? Can we sit tight and "know that he is God ( Psalms 46)?" Can we rejoice in His Will even when it is not so comfortable? Can we take our harps back from the willows and pick up the tunes from Zion?

Godliness with contentment is great gain!
Job learned that he was spiritually arrogant. He felt he was entitled to his status and blessings because of his right standing before God. We know that no one can make his own heart clean. The Lord corrects him and tells him to pray for his friends. Sometimes we can only pray effectively when we are not doing so great ourselves. We know the end of the story. He abounds with more kids, more cattle, blessings, etc.

Don't push against him, don't doubt or struggle with the situation. Call out to the Lord. You say, "I don't have a relationship with him." Neither did the man full of demons. They did not stop him. Don't ask him to pull you out but ask him to LEAD you out. Call out to the Lord and give him your burden-then learn from him Matthew 11:28-30).

God bless You.


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