Where Would I Be Without the Lord?


I am truly grateful that the Lord is for me and I am for him. I know that it is for nothing but grace that I am able to look to him in love and devotion. If it were not for him I would be lost-totally lost. He has been better to me than I could ever be to myself.

I listened to a sermon today about the way we think as blood bought children of God. If we claim to be children of God (by regeneration) we cannot entertain the negative, fearful, worrisome, wrathful thoughts that come only from the devil himself.

If we do, then we say that we agree with what he tells us AND we WALK WITH HIM (Read Amos 3:3)!  Satan is a liar and the father of lies!

The Lord's thoughts for us are more than the sands of the sea and the stars in the night sky. Who are we that Jesus is so 'mind-full' of us. Let us not take his love,thoughts and affections with a grain of salt.

My friends, if you are filled with heaviness, today; my prayer is that you will reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ and let him heal you and deliver you. Turn to him with a repenting heart and ask him to fill you with his goodness and righteousness!

Bless you!


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