Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#Depression -From Dilemma to Despair

#Robin Williams was a funny man, and a great actor. He is not the first person that has ended his life, much less the first famous person that did so. The last few years were witness to several spotlighted individuals who chose to end their lives at their own hands. "He was depressed" many say.

Depression; whether chemical, spiritual, emotional, psychological or combination of two or three of these, is reason for suicide-the cause for the largest number of deaths in the nation.

Are you Depressed? Overwhelmed? Bitter and Resentful?
There is great merit to taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions and then admitting that we alone can do nothing about the problem. The simple solution in all its glory. It's just that simple. Easy? Not always. Depression is often fear and anger held behind pride. The answer? Let it go; Talk it out! Swallow the pride and ask for help!

Get a trusted friend who will lovingly tell you the truth and to whom you can stay accountable. Stay with this person and work to honestly get to the bottom and root of your feelings, fears, worries, etc.
 "I don't have time." You need to make time because your life depends on it. It is better to come apart (from life stresses) before you come apart. There is no shame to talking to someone. No one is an island and no one should suffer alone. Pain, even psychological and emotional pain, is a sign that something is wrong or missing.

Yes; There is a God who can fill that gap and solve that problem; and He loves you more than you ever realize or even imagine.There are other people somewhere else who suffer with the same shame and the same bitterness, worry and circumstances that you do.

I was a child who grew up being bullied and picked on. I lost my father when I was about 6, was violated when I was 5, I grew up with bitterness and unforgiveness through my teenage years and began to act out and binge drink into my early to mid twenties. I finally faced myself in the mirror and decided I would not let bitterness toward others control my life. I would not let self hatred  hold me captive and pride kept me from letting go and talking to someone I trusted. I eventually put my life in the hands of the Loving God that created it and let him recreate me as I was reborn by the washing of his blood and the resurrection power of his Spirit. I have lived for almost 20 years with the Lord Jesus Christ as my hope and purpose for living. Have I been worry free? No. I lost my job during this recession and in turn lost my house, as well as confidence in myself to obtain another job and be productive in it. I even lost my joy and pleasure in doing some of the things I enjoyed. I became depressed. But, I remembered that even with all the "evil" that visits our lives, Jesus still holds the answers. It is not up to us to find those answers or to figure out what to do in times of crisis. We need to trust Him; we need to believe that He holds it all in His hands. He will do everything to keep that which is entrusted into his care. We can do nothing but He can do All things. The reason he doesn't is that we never give Him the chance. When you are out of resources He is the source!

It is up to you to make that first move. Make a decision to stay the attacks of depression. Even if, for  now, it is to seek out a friend (you can see). Don't face this alone. Don't let it get to despair. Then, give Jesus a chance. Simply ask him to surround you and I pray this now as I write: Jesus, surround those who are desperate and seeking solace and relief from depression, worry, grief from loss, and bitterness. Let them know that you are near and waiting on their call to deliver. Give them peace in their homes and in their minds and hearts. Send them a friend who can lead them your way. In Jesus Name. Amen ("So be it!").

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