Friday, February 12, 2016

The Fiddle

He fought the occasional trembling of his hands as he carved the face of his final instrument. While etching the details in the front, his mind traveled back to the days of his youth, when he decided that his craft would be to construct and appreciate the violin instead of playing it. As his mind raced to memories of his family, who had become renowned musicians; tears welled up in his eyes and fell onto the wooden canvas. He hurriedly dabbed them with a kerchief from his old jacket pocket. He rested his aching fingers briefly before continuing with his final piece. This instrument would not go to family, but to a young girl, the daughter of a late captor as a token of good will-of forgiveness. 

Sometimes giving a sacrificial gift from the heart helps to put away bitterness.

Jesus said "Love your enemies; pray for them. Do good to them that spitefully use you."  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

One Wind Four Directions One Director J.W. Arnold

From which direction does the wind blow at this time? Are we listening, watching?
Is there a quiet, peaceful breeze where all feels calm and comfortable or is everything shaking and rattling?
How is our spirit? Are we complaining, gripping the chair with white knuckles or are we waiting on the Lord in confidence,while continuously walking in faith?

The ladies in our church are currently studying with this book as a guide. There are times where the Lord is telling us to wake up. He is allowing the nest to be torn apart by a vibrant north wind. It is high time to wake up and pray and watch, lest we fall when the time of temptation comes.
Even when the quiet times come we must not let our guards down and rest on our laurels, but be instant and on our toes. Let us not be dull of hearing and drunken by the cares of this present world. Jesus said "Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world." We need only to overcome ourselves and line ourselves with the Word.

No matter what the season or direction; the wind is blowing. We can be composed as long as our eyes are on the Lord. Where is our passion? Is it in the Lord or wrapped around our present day circumstances? Perhaps it lingers in the past? The Lord has forgiven our past if we are blood-bought and dying daily. The future is Christ's if we have indeed placed it in his hands. Where does the wind blow for us? Are we anchored and steady?

Get ready, Church the Wind Is Blowing. And it Makes a Sound (Acts 2). Are you listening? Are you watching, praying and preparing yourself? Don't be caught up with every wind that blows here and there.

If you want to get the book, here is the information. Enjoy the dig. I will continually let yo u in on what we study. Next week (Monday) we are sharing our personal findings on the East Wind. Feel Free to jump in and study all this week and leave your comments in this page.

Blessings to you.

One Wind Four Directions

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How to Alleviate Loneliness

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