Saturday, November 3, 2018

O That They See You through Me!

Let them see You through me! How many times have we prayed a prayer like this one? We've heard it from the lips of worship leaders and agreed in an attitude of worship with emotions at work and tears staining our faces. We want to be the best we can be for him! We want him to be proud of us. We want to give him pleasure.(Rev 4:11)
Do we really know what we ask when we utter those words? Do we know the trials that he permits to come into our lives when we say "Break us" or "Mold Us"?
We look at Abraham who was told to offer the Promise of his lifetime as a burnt offering or the Shunemite woman that sought the prophet for her dead son, telling his servant "All is Well", John the Baptist "That He increase and I decrease.". or even Jesus who cried, "If you will, let this cup pass from me; but let Your will be done."
They all conformed to the will of an all knowing- all powerful God.
We not only pray those words, but we also pray; in the middle of the forming trials that are there to answer that prayer in us, "When will you deliver me from this mess I'm in?" We white-knuckle the waiting room chair where we sit, believing we are helpless to do anything, but wait. But he didn't call us to sit. He called us to wait-to serve! To wait on him is to pull ourselves from ourselves and look around at others in need, offering to wash their feet by helps and acts of love and mercy.
The world calls it paying it forward or doing random acts of kindness. Is that not part of the spiritual fruit resident in the Holy Ghost and what should take fruit in our lives without grumbling or complaining? Do we see those around us, customers, coworkers, family etc. as a mission field of souls that need the Word of Life or are they just a source of stress and aggravation? Is love not what God is and what we should be?

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints (Psalm116:15)."
The Jewish people had layered meanings to all their writings. This is one example. Not only does this speak about the mortal death, but also death to self and one’s fleshly habits. It also speaks of the overshadowing of your soul with his presence, so that only he is evident. Death is change. This is the fullness of the burial that only starts in Jesus Name water baptism. Moving on, mortal death changes the outward features of the physical body. Repentance, death to self, changes the mind as Christ continues to spiritually recreate you into what pleases him and what will reach those around you most effectively. "I will follow you to the death" Peter said. But he was not ready to follow through in that promise. He denied Christ. He saw the method of execution and avoided that agony and shame.
Can we live through some trouble. through backslidden kids, embarrassment, loss, helplessness, poverty, marriages that are on the rocks, etc? Through what will we go to allow the Lord to shape us? We say we'll follow him in death. Can we live through death; from trial to trial? Through what furnaces will we walk with Christ to see His glory become evident to our world? Will we come out as pure gold when we are tried (Job 23:10)? Do they see us in the midst of our calamity or do they see Christ?
God Bess!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Straighten Up and Fly Right!

There was a song made popular by Nat King Cole. As  many pilots can tell you a man's sense of gravity and orientation are deceived once his feet leave the ground. Many traumatic accidents result from a pilot's failure to trust his instruments  only to trust on his own senses.
Proverbs says that a man's goings are of the Lord, how then can he know his own way?
We were created with the guidance system of the Spirit of God. When Adam and Eve sinned that guidance system was removed. "You want to trust yourselves. So, be it!" The only way that man could be back in the graces of God was for the Lord to make a path of redemption, opening up the channel pf communication to himself, again. This only happened by the Spirit of God through a vessel of flesh- Jesus the Christ ("Jehovah is become our salvation."). Many so-called self-made men and women trust their own instincts, accomplishments and popularity to get them through the tough spots in life. But what happens when life throws a curve ball and they are left with nothing?

We all believe we know what is best for ourselves and our loved ones. We believe that doing the most reasonable thing keeps us safe and out of harm's way. But when it doesn't to whom do we turn?Ourselves? Therapists? Loved Ones? Must I remind you that even friends and loved ones erred in their responses to Job and to Jesus. "Curse God and die." "You must have sinned to be here/" Come down from that cross if you are the Son of God! Save yourself!" Thank God he didn't.

We grow up with dreams and ambitions, which are not necessarily wrong. There is nothing wrong with goals and visions. But who steers those goals? What counsel is sought for them to stand through time. and circumstance? Can the hammer say to the one artisan who made it, why did you make me this way (at least (he) knew who to ask that question)? Most people believe they just happened.
IF that belief isn't a house of cards?  And is not sure to blow away at the slightest puff of air, much less a whirlwind?

Are you flying straight and right?

Is your plane upside down and headed to the ground? Do you know for sure? Jesus said that the blind lead the blind and they both fall in the ditch. If you seek counsel make sure the counsel is well grounded. He has to be able to steady you. If he is in the same plane, you'll both crash; unless that counsel is consulting the instruments and gauges that tell you of your true state and position.
There is only one gauge that counts. Whether you believe it or not He is the one true God, who created you and knows exactly how you operate; your feelings your dreams and your desires are all given for his pleasure. (Revelation 4:11)  Let him straighten you so you can soar!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

When All Else Fails

I have always been one to believe that if I worked hard, studied hard and was faithful I would succeed in almost anything. The reality is that I don't know the right people to get opportunities that come so easily to others; I also lack the charisma to sell anything to anyone. So, I just worked hard. So, why am I still living below poverty level? I have a Master's Degree in Business Administration. So, what is my point? I am coming to it. I used to be frustrated with the fact that my husband and I would get a job, be doing well and, out of nowhere Murphy would come and bring his lineage along with him. I'd get laid off, lose my rent and have to move in with in-laws. Why can't we just get a break?
Now, to anyone who doesn't believe God works in all things and/or believes that only the rich are anointed, we are plum out of luck and out of fellowship with God. "Just curse him and die."Or "Maybe you sinned and this is your punishment."
Yes, I have been tempted to say "enough with this; give me a bottle of wine. I'll drink away my sorrows."
But I know better. Lately I have prayed for God to fix our situation and then sit on my hands and/or bite my nails. I'd worry every time something else happened to claim the reserved finances saved for bills. I would also be a nervous wreck trying desperately to conserve my job.
But I am slowly realizing that I can do nothing about this than the next right thing.  I can only be faithful to those who rely on me and love me. To the Lord I can only pray and wait on him. He gives me the faith to believe in him and the grace to stay with him. I would be lost if he didn't step in and catch me.
So, I release my husband, my fears, finances, worries, people who aggravate me, situations and circumstances I can't change, etc; into his hands. I still have to remind myself to do this. But this is my goal. This is how I stay sane, and joyful.
"Even if the Best of Life seems at its worst. When the dam of tears is bound to burst..."
He is still working his will to astound you!

Keep waiting on him; and stay full of joy. That is your strength!
He is Still Wonderful!
It's not professional but I hope it will encourage you.

Bless You

Friday, June 22, 2018

What Is Life!

I pose this question to the churched and un-churched. To the saved and unsaved. Those who know him and trust him and those who have problems with the concept of God or a loving heavenly father they can"t see.

"For what is your life? It is even a vapour that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away."
James 4:14

Christ gives us all an invitation; even to those of us who have the basic doctrines of Christianity and think we're set, where we are. We sit in the same pew, we hang with the same people at church, and give our ten percent. We may give more, monetarily. How much time do we spend in actual relationship with Christ, hearing his heartbeat for us and the lost. Do we possess the power and glory of the Holy Ghost within us-with the evidence of speaking in tongues "stirring up the gift within us?"

Open up to him and let him come in to your heart. If he is there, let him move you into the inner chambers, commune with him like you never have before. Love him with your whole life, let him have all you are. He already owns all you have.

What is your life? Is it Christ? I hope you enjoy and are challenged by the message of this song.

God Bless You.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Book is Here!

After years of work, restructuring, revising and editing, it is finished.
My husband Chris is a preacher of the Word, but he is also a writer. He writes what people read to reach them about real life. It happens. Life isn't pretty and he doesn't sugar coat it. He preaches it straight and he writes it straight. Christian fiction is the genre and his first work is now available on Kindle. It is a good read about the Holy Roller, the Unchurched, the Rejects; Life and the Forces that influence them all.  I hope you'll read and enjoy. $3.99 for the Kindle version. The hard copy is not presently available at this time but is coming soon.

Praise Him Before the Proof

We are so used to complaining when things don't go our way. We balk at the rules laid out when it comes to returns or check cashing policies, presenting license when purchasing certain goods and commodities (for those who partake Hey I believe in a good bowl of drunken beans and you need beer to make them). So today brought its own frustrations and challenges of faith. I have to say I failed miserably in the beginning. "So inconvenient!  We're just cashing a check by a member of the bank. Ugh! So, what; we no longer have an account there?"
We prayed during our journey across a long bridge on bare tires (in front!), "God You really Need to get us across!"
It wasn't until we arrived at the tire place that His Spirit reminded me: Don't complain about and beg for stuff. Praise until you see the promise fulfilled. Praise until God works it out, even if it  means you wait. "Praise when I don't do it the way you think it should be done. Rejoice until..."
So, as my husband gave the service man his tire size and waited to find out availability and price; I silently praised the Lord. I rejoiced that he would provide. He did. Two tires aligned for $30 each.
So,.not only did we safely get there with no incident, but we met a man who just received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was going through the fiery trials of losing both parents within months of each other. He encouraged us by his spirit and attitude. We assured him that we would do business in the future; just for the sake of befriending a kindred spirit.

Oh and he also gave us a brand new hose for our ac to refill coolant. Praise God for even the little things. Praise him even for the smaller victories in the process-along the way. Enjoy his work, his beauty-his wisdom. Take the scenic route and praise him along the journey. It's hard sometimes when there is pain and loss involved, but we're in the hands of a wonderful creator who can make anything happen with a word from his mouth. Watch it unfold. Never lose the wonder. Can you wait? Can you submit and be dazzled?

Be Blessed!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Wonderful Day

A rather belated Mother's Day to all of you. Now I am not a biological mother but I do have a stepson that I love as my own. Plus there are people younger and older that I like to think I look out for. That stepson and my husband put together the best Mother's Day I've ever had. I felt appreciated for the caring role I do play. God gave us caring and nurturing natures to not only be a mother to our own but help raise the "village" of children and "neighbors" around  us. Whether or not you gave birth you can be a mother to someone who has no one or no family nearby. Bless you all.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Blood Still Has Power!

The Easter season is over. All the Easter candy and decorations are sold at a fraction of the price and the baskets thrown in closets with dresses and suits, no longer worn or rarely worn again. So, what is it really all about? Why in the Heaven would a perfect all powerful God come to Earth to be beaten and hung on a cross? Is it just a season a year, when most of us go to see our families; or do we know about the redemption of which we sing and celebrate?
Many toss aside the Old Testament, but Christ said that he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. So, what did he do? The Passover lamb was to show the deliverance of a people from slavery. These people would learn how to have a relationship with the One true God. The blood of that passover lamb was to ward off the Angel of Death that would kill the first born in every family in Egypt. We as human beings were cursed to death (physical and spiritual), because of the sinful nature introduced into the bloodline through Adam. Every person would face the physical death. In order to cancel the second death, which is the spiritual, God robed himself in flesh and became the Passover Lamb; His perfect blood would remove the sentence of the second Spiritual Death that would eventually destroy us. How do we escape this sentence? We are baptized into Christ, calling on his name. Why use anything else? Did Jesus not die? He is the flesh representation of an invisible God.
Jesus didn't come just to remit sin, but also to fill us again with his regenerating, excellent Spirit. Easter is not just to accept as an occasion, that divided time, and mark the resurrection of Christ, but also to pave the way to receive the very Spirit he came to give. James 4 says to "Submit to God then resist the devil and he would flee from you." But have you submitted to God? Does the Holy Ghost possess you? Did you ever speak in an unknown language as His Spirit gave the ability? This is the only way we can receive this new birth of the Spirit. We have to give up this old life and world and long for another-a city not made with hands.

What was Easter to you? Would you change your mind if it did not follow God's will? I am including a song I wrote for this occasion. It has a old church spirit to it. I hope it will bless you.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Peace and Strength through the Storm!

I don't want this to be morose or depressing. I hope instead to give hope to those of you who have encountered cancer; whether in your own body or that of a friend or loved one. I have seen two relatives and two friends pass on, but I have also seen and heard of relatives that have fought and lived through the surgery and/or treatments.
I am no stranger to cancer; my father-in-law had Stage 4 colon cancer and was healed completely. My grandfather fought off lung cancer twice, but submitted to it that third time.
Why do I address this subject?
Because there is so much suffering from it. So, much grief and pain all around.

I fought the notion to write a song that actually says the word and tells a story. I finally recorded a rough version. The story is a God fearing Christian who passes away,leaving a close friend who wants the same salvation that God gave her. I have the link at the bottom of this post. I hope it brings you the same comfort it did me.
There is hope. There is peace beyond our understanding. Jesus Christ is the ultimate and only peace speaker, who can calm any storm.
I hope that you will draw closer to him in any time, not just tragedy. But if you have never known him, I pray that you will call out to him and let him surround you with that sweet peace and quiet strength!

May the God of Peace Richly Bless You
Kendra St. John

Quiet Strength

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Dawn of a New Year!

The year of 2017 brought its challenges and disappointments. Chris and I have lost jobs, moved twice and lost a few good people from this earth.. But now there is a new year and a new chance to impact those around us and leave a legacy with them. As we did last year, we expect to see God move again in mighty ways of healing, salvation, protection and provision.

I know that He is faithful, whether or not we have millions of dollars in the bank or we are plugging quarters into the self serve at Walmart. The Amplified Version of Proverbs 1:33 says that if we "hearken to (God's)Wisdom, we will dwell securely and in confident trust and shall be quiet without fear or dread of evil."

I expect this year to be more blessed and more successful; I have learned from many past mistakes and have forgiven myself for them. This is imperative if we seek to move on. Forgiveness, even for yourself opens you up to receive grace and blessings. If we don't forgive we keep ourselves back from learning and growing and we die in bitterness. 

Let us live this year. I plan to live this year, "falling forward"; as a good friend once worded it. 

How to Alleviate Loneliness

Hey. This is a live video on Facebook. It speaks for itself. I hope it helps.