Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

As you most well know, moving comes with the extra purchases of stuff forgotten, broken or lost in the shuffle. We all found replacements only to discover the old stuff as it comes to the surface. I bought a set of stoneware dishes only to realize we had more in a box in storage. We have also inherited even more dishes! Praise the Lord for abundance. With work in and out of the house, along with helping my husband with class assignments; there is not a lot of time-or energy-for much else.

What I am saying? Sometimes we as individuals allow ourselves and, also most importantly, our spiritual disciplines to be lost among obligations; . This is so important that we quickly find a time and place to spend moments with the Lord. I have to say that I am not quite back to the full Bible Studies I used to have or my music; playing or writing. Again, where do we find the time?

It's a budget, just as it is with finances. Set priorities (what is important to us?), and let go of those things that are trivial and time-wasting. Don't let go of what's valuable for the urgent. This is very easy to do.

So, as I decide what dishes and new discoveries (LOL) I make in my unpacking of stored items, I have to decide what stays with no compromise and then what all goes out. The same works for my life and the time I have in each day to spend. May we spend these moments wisely-we cannot get them back.

Remember, as we all go into this Thanksgiving time and anytime of the year; to ALWAYS be grateful for the good AND the bad; we are blessed by them both if we learn to see His hand working in it all.

God Bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Alleviate Loneliness

Hey. This is a live video on Facebook. It speaks for itself. I hope it helps.