Monday, February 16, 2015

That'll Preach!!

The First Step in Creative Work is Data Mining/Idea Collecting.

My husband Chris is a preacher by passion, appointment and anointing. He is always listening to other preachers talk, preach, and teach. He is a voracious reader of books, ranging from; the Bible to Chess, to Literature and Politics. We often get together and listen to other speakers teach the Bible, comment on Chess, Music, today's  political issues. Sometimes he will hear a phrase or idea and say, "That'll preach!" If he has his little black book with him, he will jot down the idea. I have a similar system as well with my song writing.

I have a journal. If I cannot get my hands on it, I will write on a napkin, sticky note; whatever. With that phrase or quote I write down the reason for my interest so I am not lost, later, as to the reason for noting it in the first place. An additional note I also picked up: Write down the source as well, so you can go back to it and even refer someone else should they also be interested.

Then  have a place to keep them all. A notebook, file system. Whatever suits your "OCD-ness or lack thereof."

More in the next post...Cross Reference!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where Do I Start to Create?

Many who have known me for a time; know that I love the Word of God and get strength, wisdom and encouragement from it. Many times this is where my inspiration lies. The Lord may drop some bit into my heart as I am praying, or he wakes me with a thought.

I write these down and stick them in a place together, usually a ring binder with paper and pockets so that I can add to the pile and even sort them according to origin, subject and further use.

For example. I may get a thought from reading a scripture on grace, I write the reference and even write down other parts of scripture or quotes that immediately come to mind, even if don't know chapter and verse. I know this note has a biblical origin, the subject is grace. But I leave it there in the front pocket because I don't know how to use it yet. I may divide my note book into sections. I teach bible studies and have taught Sunday School in the past/ So, I may have a section for Further Studies, I write songs and poetry, I would have another section for songs and poems.

Upon completion of the Course in Songwriting with Pat Pattison from Berkelee College of Music; I have since bought his book Writing Better Lyrics. I have downloaded a copy of a worksheet from the online class syllabus and have used it since to organize my thoughts. This This book will  not only help with songs lyrics, but with all poetry.

There are other times where I may get my inspiration from what someone has said or a phrase read from a book, other publication, etc.

I collect these thoughts and notes. As I compile them I continually review what I already have so I know what I am waiting for and looking to create. The book I mentioned earlier helps with tools to keep your thought processes organized, Another tool is Point of View. Then another is Three Boxes, where you have a starting thought that you write and label as box 1. Then as your idea grows you add a bigger box 2 to further the idea; until you have a cumulative and complete idea in an even larger box 3.

This is best used when you're stuck or "blocked" It always helps to keep those ideas in order. You never know where they may lead. I have found this system to help me. Here is a small section of a new piece I started.

Woven-no seam-the patch-less skies
You make me to dream with open eyes
Colors blend under heat of sunrise
I gaze in wonder undisguised.

How You Love Me (Working Title)
To Speak this to be
Kings of  Galaxies
Tamer of Seas
How you love me
you send songs in the breeze
If I were only one
You'd do it for me.

-Kendra St John 2/2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

A New and Scary Idea "WIP Should They See?"

I must admit that this is a learning process for me. I enjoy sharing what I learn, see and hear.. I also enjoy creating stuff, mostly of the literary and/or music arts.
I hope that you  have enjoyed reading up to this point. I hope to include more various types of media to make it more interesting. This will be slow in production since it is something of which is new to me online. But I so would like to share the adventures with you. There is a book I have begun reading that talks about sharing the work in progress. I am one of those people who stayyed away from that idea; believing that the final product was the only thing to be shared. I see now from reality shows on the cooking network, Pinterest and Twitter, people are sharing their processes. So I will do my best to bring some of my works in process to you. I hope that you have enjoyed the last entries. Thank you for stopping by.


Kendra St John

How to Alleviate Loneliness

Hey. This is a live video on Facebook. It speaks for itself. I hope it helps.