Monday, September 11, 2017

#Hurricane #Irma Diminishes Mid Mission

Not long after the damage from Harvey, came the arrival of Irma.
Unfortunately; for some in the southern parts of Florida-the Keys, the winds and rain dealt their massive damage on the homes and lives of their residents.

Dozens of #faith filled people gathered on the beaches in #Jacksonville to pray for Irma's failure.

Check out this link for the story:

Though there were naysayers, who pointed out the eventual #evacuation of that beach; Irma diminished in size. There was damage, as the tropical-storm-sized winds lashed out through South Carolina, Georgia and parts of Alabama. But God answered prayer! Irma diminished!

I am watching the wind through the trees, here in #Lucedale, MS; one of the areas hit by #Katrina. I thank the Lord for his mercy!
We pray for those who lost homes and families in this time. Why did God not stop all the damage? That's a question to ask him! Maybe, you are one that suffered hurricane damage. My prayers are with you for peace and restoration in your soul.

I know the #Lord #Jesus is faithful. Don't charge him falsely, but give him a chance to work in your lives and circumstances. (Romans 8:38)

God Bless

Monday, September 4, 2017

#Praying for #Houston

We have all seen much of the damage dealt to the area of Houston, due to the #hurricane that brought the #flood waters and resulting death and destruction.

I simply #pray, Lord, for your #grace, mercy and peace to reign upon the people of this city. Lord, surround them with your angels, and with your presence. Be with the families who have lost loved ones during this catastrophe. #Thank you, Lord for the unity that takes this country when hard times hit our fellow citizens. This nation and its leaders need your wisdom, and strength as we all come through this season together.
Again, Lord bless the city of Houston, its people, leaders using this time to reach every soul with your love, peace and truth. By you are we all sustained. How can we ever be without You?You are the One #God that is Lord over all. We give you all th glory honor and praise for all you are, do and have done. We ask all this in Jesus name, Amen.

Continue to keep these precious people in your prayers! And pray for those in the path of this other storm, Irma.

"The #Storm Must Conform" Chris St. John

Bless You All

Kendra St John

How to Alleviate Loneliness

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