Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Grace in Tight Spaces

Have you ever moved from your own two-bedroom apartment or house to a single bedroom? It is very taxing on the nerves, especially if you have someone else, along with their stuff, sharing that small space with you. We all love our spouse, kids, friends, etc. But the tiny space would try even the best and closest of relationships. I don't advocate young dating couples to try this before marriage- to keep from the well known temptation. But if you can imagine having just that room and maybe a storage shed (for the rest of your stuff) for an indefinite time, until a job opportunity is found (and it doesn't scare you away from that person), you may have a chance with him, her or them; without someone going to jail for murder.
Both my job, and that of my spouse, ended for lack of work. So, we are in God's waiting room as captive clay balls awaiting plying and prodding and pulling, while fighting to be still and "know there is a God." We scurry to find the next opportunity, all the while praying that the Lord be the one to ordain its fruition.
To get out of that bedroom, has become our chief motivation and we continue to pray and apply for jobs, hoping God will just say, "yes," and soon.
Maybe, you are stuck in a spot, where you could get out if you had to chew your arm off to do it. But your gut tells you that there is a reason you are there. Hold on to His grace; it is sufficient; and his joy, which is your strength.

And don't lay hands on anyone suddenly!

Love and prayers for strength in your struggle.

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