Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Blood Still Has Power!

The Easter season is over. All the Easter candy and decorations are sold at a fraction of the price and the baskets thrown in closets with dresses and suits, no longer worn or rarely worn again. So, what is it really all about? Why in the Heaven would a perfect all powerful God come to Earth to be beaten and hung on a cross? Is it just a season a year, when most of us go to see our families; or do we know about the redemption of which we sing and celebrate?
Many toss aside the Old Testament, but Christ said that he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. So, what did he do? The Passover lamb was to show the deliverance of a people from slavery. These people would learn how to have a relationship with the One true God. The blood of that passover lamb was to ward off the Angel of Death that would kill the first born in every family in Egypt. We as human beings were cursed to death (physical and spiritual), because of the sinful nature introduced into the bloodline through Adam. Every person would face the physical death. In order to cancel the second death, which is the spiritual, God robed himself in flesh and became the Passover Lamb; His perfect blood would remove the sentence of the second Spiritual Death that would eventually destroy us. How do we escape this sentence? We are baptized into Christ, calling on his name. Why use anything else? Did Jesus not die? He is the flesh representation of an invisible God.
Jesus didn't come just to remit sin, but also to fill us again with his regenerating, excellent Spirit. Easter is not just to accept as an occasion, that divided time, and mark the resurrection of Christ, but also to pave the way to receive the very Spirit he came to give. James 4 says to "Submit to God then resist the devil and he would flee from you." But have you submitted to God? Does the Holy Ghost possess you? Did you ever speak in an unknown language as His Spirit gave the ability? This is the only way we can receive this new birth of the Spirit. We have to give up this old life and world and long for another-a city not made with hands.

What was Easter to you? Would you change your mind if it did not follow God's will? I am including a song I wrote for this occasion. It has a old church spirit to it. I hope it will bless you.

How to Alleviate Loneliness

Hey. This is a live video on Facebook. It speaks for itself. I hope it helps.