Saturday, February 10, 2018

Peace and Strength through the Storm!

I don't want this to be morose or depressing. I hope instead to give hope to those of you who have encountered cancer; whether in your own body or that of a friend or loved one. I have seen two relatives and two friends pass on, but I have also seen and heard of relatives that have fought and lived through the surgery and/or treatments.
I am no stranger to cancer; my father-in-law had Stage 4 colon cancer and was healed completely. My grandfather fought off lung cancer twice, but submitted to it that third time.
Why do I address this subject?
Because there is so much suffering from it. So, much grief and pain all around.

I fought the notion to write a song that actually says the word and tells a story. I finally recorded a rough version. The story is a God fearing Christian who passes away,leaving a close friend who wants the same salvation that God gave her. I have the link at the bottom of this post. I hope it brings you the same comfort it did me.
There is hope. There is peace beyond our understanding. Jesus Christ is the ultimate and only peace speaker, who can calm any storm.
I hope that you will draw closer to him in any time, not just tragedy. But if you have never known him, I pray that you will call out to him and let him surround you with that sweet peace and quiet strength!

May the God of Peace Richly Bless You
Kendra St. John

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