Thursday, August 27, 2015

Praising my way out of the Slump.

If you recall the post about complaining and criticizing; "The foul spirit of negativity." Evidently, I have difficulty keeping that old thing away from me. So, I decided I wanted to rise above and get the victory. The only victory over depression and negativity and worry is praise. He inhabits the praises his people. I found a prayer guide that gives you 31 reasons to praise Him-one for each day of the month. Today is the 27th of August so I looked at the 27th. I had decided I would sing a song that came to mind that had the same theme or attribute. I couldn't think of one off the bat. I reached for my phone thinking that I'd search for one. But I was impressed to make one up.

Here is the recording the scratch copy I wrote down and the sheets that have the praises I mentioned earlier. Happy praising and many days full of victory!

Love you all. God bless
Kendra St John

Here is the link to the Audio draft

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I got your back!

Someone approached us as we were attending an earlier preacher's conference.He told Chris that the Lord wanted him to relay this message: "I've got your back." Chris and I have found ourselves in circumstances that taught us to really trust him and to be content in the present season of our walks with him.

He tells us to be careful for nothing. He told the Israelites that they would live in houses they did not build and eat from vineyards and gardens they did not plant.
Jesus will take of you, but you must trust him with you.
We cannot expect to simply receive the benefits without putting into the relationship.

So, my friend; what have you done for him lately? How much time have you spent on your relationshipwith him.

The Lord has provided for us so may times when it was not requested and least expected. He has had our backs. We hope nothing gets in between us and him.

Keep in touch and trust in him. You can know, as well, that Jesus has your back.

How to Alleviate Loneliness

Hey. This is a live video on Facebook. It speaks for itself. I hope it helps.