Thursday, September 27, 2018

Straighten Up and Fly Right!

There was a song made popular by Nat King Cole. As  many pilots can tell you a man's sense of gravity and orientation are deceived once his feet leave the ground. Many traumatic accidents result from a pilot's failure to trust his instruments  only to trust on his own senses.
Proverbs says that a man's goings are of the Lord, how then can he know his own way?
We were created with the guidance system of the Spirit of God. When Adam and Eve sinned that guidance system was removed. "You want to trust yourselves. So, be it!" The only way that man could be back in the graces of God was for the Lord to make a path of redemption, opening up the channel pf communication to himself, again. This only happened by the Spirit of God through a vessel of flesh- Jesus the Christ ("Jehovah is become our salvation."). Many so-called self-made men and women trust their own instincts, accomplishments and popularity to get them through the tough spots in life. But what happens when life throws a curve ball and they are left with nothing?

We all believe we know what is best for ourselves and our loved ones. We believe that doing the most reasonable thing keeps us safe and out of harm's way. But when it doesn't to whom do we turn?Ourselves? Therapists? Loved Ones? Must I remind you that even friends and loved ones erred in their responses to Job and to Jesus. "Curse God and die." "You must have sinned to be here/" Come down from that cross if you are the Son of God! Save yourself!" Thank God he didn't.

We grow up with dreams and ambitions, which are not necessarily wrong. There is nothing wrong with goals and visions. But who steers those goals? What counsel is sought for them to stand through time. and circumstance? Can the hammer say to the one artisan who made it, why did you make me this way (at least (he) knew who to ask that question)? Most people believe they just happened.
IF that belief isn't a house of cards?  And is not sure to blow away at the slightest puff of air, much less a whirlwind?

Are you flying straight and right?

Is your plane upside down and headed to the ground? Do you know for sure? Jesus said that the blind lead the blind and they both fall in the ditch. If you seek counsel make sure the counsel is well grounded. He has to be able to steady you. If he is in the same plane, you'll both crash; unless that counsel is consulting the instruments and gauges that tell you of your true state and position.
There is only one gauge that counts. Whether you believe it or not He is the one true God, who created you and knows exactly how you operate; your feelings your dreams and your desires are all given for his pleasure. (Revelation 4:11)  Let him straighten you so you can soar!

How to Alleviate Loneliness

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