Monday, February 9, 2015

A New and Scary Idea "WIP Should They See?"

I must admit that this is a learning process for me. I enjoy sharing what I learn, see and hear.. I also enjoy creating stuff, mostly of the literary and/or music arts.
I hope that you  have enjoyed reading up to this point. I hope to include more various types of media to make it more interesting. This will be slow in production since it is something of which is new to me online. But I so would like to share the adventures with you. There is a book I have begun reading that talks about sharing the work in progress. I am one of those people who stayyed away from that idea; believing that the final product was the only thing to be shared. I see now from reality shows on the cooking network, Pinterest and Twitter, people are sharing their processes. So I will do my best to bring some of my works in process to you. I hope that you have enjoyed the last entries. Thank you for stopping by.


Kendra St John

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