Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You Love Me WIP

Any artist knows that working on their craft can prove rather tedious and sometimes painfully dull. The inspirations are great; as well as the times when we know that we have arrived where we want with the piece we are creating.

Lyrics and working with words in poetry are my specialty. No, I may not have any music in the mainstream, yet; but I am continuously learning and improving on craft and patience in the process.

I have enclosed an example of one of the tools I incorporate in songwriting. I line up the verses side by side to compare the stressed syllables to make sure they match as close as possible in the same places. This helps to ensure the listener can easily follow and even sing along.

I am one of the deep thinking lyricists that likes to tell stories and paint pictures with her words. So, my verses can tend to be wordy. I try to keep the chorus rather simple. This is not the best pic; but I hope you get the idea. See below.

I hope this helps.
I cut the verses out and stapled them together. Then underlined the natural stressed syllables.
Line 1 in each verse needed to match for the most part not immaculately, with the coinciding lines.
I rephrase or find another word to best describe and or fit in that spot to make it sound better. 

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