Saturday, March 26, 2016

Living In Red

  Blood marked the doors
 of God’s chosen clan-
A small group of people-
sixty and ten
that grew to a number
 so immense-
From doom and death to be free again.Half a shekel to each soul of man.
A bloody ransom made silver stands. To support the tent where he met with them.
 Creditors knock, shadows encroach with incessant jeers of hateful reproach.
Darkness awaits 
to claim its spoil.
But His blood now covers 
the door of my soul.
Crimson blots pages
 of my sinful account.
Sin and death 
are forever denounced.
I’m bought and hidden; 
no longer in debt.
Only to Jesus am I living in Red.

Remember the Sacrifice

God Bless!

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