Monday, June 11, 2018

Praise Him Before the Proof

We are so used to complaining when things don't go our way. We balk at the rules laid out when it comes to returns or check cashing policies, presenting license when purchasing certain goods and commodities (for those who partake Hey I believe in a good bowl of drunken beans and you need beer to make them). So today brought its own frustrations and challenges of faith. I have to say I failed miserably in the beginning. "So inconvenient!  We're just cashing a check by a member of the bank. Ugh! So, what; we no longer have an account there?"
We prayed during our journey across a long bridge on bare tires (in front!), "God You really Need to get us across!"
It wasn't until we arrived at the tire place that His Spirit reminded me: Don't complain about and beg for stuff. Praise until you see the promise fulfilled. Praise until God works it out, even if it  means you wait. "Praise when I don't do it the way you think it should be done. Rejoice until..."
So, as my husband gave the service man his tire size and waited to find out availability and price; I silently praised the Lord. I rejoiced that he would provide. He did. Two tires aligned for $30 each.
So,.not only did we safely get there with no incident, but we met a man who just received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was going through the fiery trials of losing both parents within months of each other. He encouraged us by his spirit and attitude. We assured him that we would do business in the future; just for the sake of befriending a kindred spirit.

Oh and he also gave us a brand new hose for our ac to refill coolant. Praise God for even the little things. Praise him even for the smaller victories in the process-along the way. Enjoy his work, his beauty-his wisdom. Take the scenic route and praise him along the journey. It's hard sometimes when there is pain and loss involved, but we're in the hands of a wonderful creator who can make anything happen with a word from his mouth. Watch it unfold. Never lose the wonder. Can you wait? Can you submit and be dazzled?

Be Blessed!

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