Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More About Songwriting

The year is almost half-over; what have you done so far this year? Have your days been filled helping others and lifting them to their potential? Working on that long awaiting project?

 I have set out to learn and own the craft of song writing. I have also decided to make it a goal to cut my first CD with a couple covers and some of the original songs that I have composed. Not only that, but I want also to learn the ins and outs of producing a full work of my own with the understanding of microphone placement, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, recording and mixing, etc.

This endeavor has begun with the research and much prayer over the songs that I write, because I believe the message is what matters. I will always strive to reach out, through my music and my life, to bless people and show them Jesus and the life they can live if they will surrender and truly let him reign in their hearts.

I have written songs, recorded basic ideas of how they might sound, and shared them in their most raw form. Many songs have been revisited, revised and rerecorded in another raw form (LOL). I never thought that publishing a work would take so much work and patience; but it has required both from me these last 7 to 8 years. I hope that you have taken the time to read some of the last lyrics.

From my research and development process I have come up with a system that seems to be working for me, right now. As the days roll on I am sure that I will both tweak the system and the songs until they are both the way I work most effectively and will reach and minister to the most people; respectively.
The attached worksheets are for the first editing and follow up ideas for your songs, should you decide to use them. They are just ideas that you can use to edit your own material once you write and record your first draft.

The first one is the Worksheet; the other is an outline or checklist as to what I look for in my material. I hope these help. Please let me know if there are problems opening the files.

Best wishes to you in all your endeavors.

God Bless

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